Wing Nut

Grady Flood and his mother have been moving from place to place ever since his father was killed seven years ago. Now Lila has found a job as a housekeeper on Charlie Fernwald's farm. Grady isn't too keen on Charlie's hobby of being a bird enthusiast, but a series of upsetting events make him see things in a new light.



"While there is nothing terribly original in a lonely boy and a cranky elderly man overcoming differences to find common ground, Grady, Charlie, and Lila have sharp edges that reveal their individual personalities. Their emotions are heartfelt, and readers will be encouraged by the hopeful, upbeat ending." -School Library Journal

"What will attract readers like martins to a gourd nest is the author's careful integration of bird lore and the unusual challenges of creating and maintaining a purple martin colony." – Booklist


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