The Easter Egg Farm

Poor Pauline. Every time she tries to lay an egg, she can't concentrate because of the squabbling in the henhouse. The other hens accuse Pauline of being lazy, but she says she's just different. Then a wonderful thing happens. Pauline concentrates very hard--and she lays a very unusual egg. It has a pattern on it like the straw in the henhouse. Pauline is inspired to lay more eggs, and each one comes out with a new design. One resembles a ladybug, another is sky-blue with clouds. Mrs. Pennywort is thrilled. "Hey, I get it," she says to Pauline. "The egg comes out looking like whatever you see, right?" Pauline's eggs are so beautiful that they attract attention. A bunch get ordered for the annual Easter egg hunt in town. But then, disaster strikes! What happens next to an unusual hen who lays unusual eggs makes this a very unusual Easter story.

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