Ashes of Roses

Sixteen-year-old Rose Nolan and her family are grateful to have finally reached America, the great land of opportunity. Their happiness is shattered when part of their family is forced to return to Ireland. Rose wants to succeed and stays in New York with her younger sister Maureen. The sisters struggle to survive and barely do so by working at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Then, just as Rose is forming friendships and settling in, a devastating fire forces her, Maureen, and their friends to fight for their lives. Surrounded by pain, tragedy, and ashes, Rose wonders if there’s anything left for her in this great land of America.

Ashes of Roses was named one of Booklist's top ten historical fiction for 2002


 “Fast-paced, populated by distinctive characters, and anchored in Auch's convincing sense of time and place, this title is a good choice for readers who like historical fiction.” - School Library Journal


“‚Ä®Students of history may be familiar with the tragic Triangle fire that claimed 146 lives that day. But never, never has the horror been so vividly depicted as through the eyes of young Rose. The final nail-gnawing, painstakingly researched, chapters are so riveting it's impossible to imagine someone putting the book down, except to catch a breath. An amazing read. - Children’s Literature


“Fast pacing sweeps readers from the initial confusion of Ellis Island to the horrific fire, while Auch supplies vivid period detail and strong female characters to build toward a hopeful conclusion” – Publisher’s Weekly


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