A Dog on His Own

A funny and moving middle-grade novel for dog lovers. Other dogs are K-9s. But K-10 is a cut above other dogs, and his mother gave hime the name to prove it when he was a puppy. Now K-10 is grown up and all on his own, because K-10 doesn't need friends--canine or human. He spends his time running away from owners and doing time in dog shelters, and that's just fine with him. But after K-10 escapes from a shelter with some other dogs, everything changes. These new dogs aren't so easy to forget, and all they can bark about is finding old and new owners. Will K-10 go back to being a loner, or can this not-so-old dog learn a new trick--friendship?


Told in first person, the humorous, action-packed novel follows K-10 and some newfound friends through numerous escapes, misadventures, and setbacks, and wraps up with a tidy and satisfying conclusion. With a winning cover and fast pace, it's sure to please dog-loving kids. – School Library Journal 

 The characters stand out as real individuals, and K-10's cocky tone brightens the whole. A delightful  romp for boys and girls alike. – Kirkus Reviews



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